Current Race Bike
: 2007 KTM 450 EXC
Primary Events: Hare Scrambles/Enduros
Race Region: Southeast
Current Class: Master B
Height: 6’ 1”  Weight: 212
Age: 51

  • Highly enthusiastic & very active 2nd year racer.
  • Currently in 1st overall in class for 2009 - 2010 Southeast Enduro & Trail Riders Association (SE&TRA) hare scramble season.
  • Concurrently racing two series in the southeast United States in 2010: Southern Off-Road Racing Series (SORCS) & SE&TRA.  Both series offer 28 total races across the year.
  • 2008 Tennesee Off-Road Racing Series (TORCS) Super Senior C series class winner.
  • Race in a variety of other GPMX, enduros and off-series hare scrambles to continue to build skills, endurance and practice.
  • Participated in numerous 8 hour team races and the 2008 Red Bull/KTM 24 Hour Challenge
  • 1st bike - 1968 Triumph 650 TR6R Trophy Sport (still riding it!)
  • Winning the hole-shot on the second race of my career and at that point thinking "What have I done - now what do I do?!!
  • My parents would not allow me to have a mini-bike or motorcycle.  I used to borrow neighborhood friends mini-bikes and challenge them to a timed woods race to which I would beat them on their own bikes.  That did not last long as they decided that was no fun anymore.  Hence, I went back to my bicycle.
  • Riding with my good friend Kurt Carlson from Atlanta to Guatemala City on my KLR 650.  Then parting ways and riding solo through remote, central Guatemala, to Tikal then through the jungle to Uaxactun.  Form Guatemala through Belize and in the Yucatan to meet my girlfriend (later wife) in Cancun.  Then taking a ferry around Cuba to Tampa and riding home.
  • Honeymooning with my wife for two weeks on a BMW GS1200 through the Alps in Germany, France, Italy, Austria & Switzerland.
  • Exploring Italy from Tuscany to the Amalfi coast for a week with my wife on a GS1200
  • Bad memory - dropping my bike (for the first time of course) with my then girlfriend, future wife on the bike in Tulum, Mexico.  Had oil on tire when leaving a gas station and dropped the bike while turning in an intersection on the Mayan Coast Highway
  • Getting run over during a race when I fell (to my fault) in front of another racer in Hiawasee, Georgia.
  • Other bikes: BMW K1200RS, Kawasaki KLR650, Suzuki DRZ400se, Suzuki DR350S.

  • Compete and finish the 2010 Baja 1000.
  • Win SE&TRA 2009 - 2010 class championship
  • Place in top three in 2010 SORCS hare scramble season as I race in new Master B class.
  • Continue development of fitness & riding skills to improve speed and safety.
  • Ride till I drop...
  • Trying to find a great resort in Mexico at the race's finish to send Mary so she can wait for us to complete the event and where we can spend time together.  (Need to take care of the boss.)
  • Leading our team on soliciting sponsorships who want to participate with us as well as help defray our expenses
  • Racing as much as possible to build up stamina & skills.
  • Working on personal fitness.
  • Fulfilling a dream to credit the idea of Don Gentry who is making this an unexpected reality.
  • To expand my riding experience
  • If I get malaria, typhoid or some other ugly affliction - I'll have a good story to go home with it.
  • Provides another checkmark to my DirtBikeBucketList!
  • To make my dad jealous and drive my mom crazy.
  • Born in St. Louis, Missouri.  Have lived in Arllington, Texas - Moline, Illinois - Madison, Wisconsin - Atlanta, Georgia.  Where I have met some of the greatest people and friends ever to be found.
  • Married to Mary for 5+ years who is the most awesome woman in the world.  Have the most wonderful parents, sister & her family that anyone could have.
  • My real job is with the TriZetto Group, Inc.  I work with health plans to help improve their cost & quality of care through selling and supporting information technologies & consulting.
  • Other pastimes include spending as much time with my wife as possible, playing handball, and dual-sport riding with my north Georgia buddies Bill Johnston & Tommy VanHuss.  I hold a share in a classic 1964 Cessna 182 - which I enjoying flying.  However, racing has pushed this hobby way to the back row.
  • Education: Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, MO - BSBA Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO - MBA