Current Race Bike:
2007 KTM 250xcfw

Primary Events: Hare Scrambles/Enduros

Race Region: Southeast

Current Class: Master C / 50+

Height: 6' 01"  Weight: 245

Age: 53 (but I look younger in my riding gear)


  • Always wanted to race as a kid - but was never able to try until a few years ago
  • Started racing at Diamondback series and have raced several seasons in SORCS (hare scrambles) and SETRA (hare scrambles and enduros)
  • Have also raced several GNCC's, the  KTM Perry Mountain 24 Hour Challenge twice, eight hour team races, with SORCS, twelve and eight hour team races at Durhamtown Plantation
  • Best finish so far has been third in a SORCS race and fourth for a SORCS Season

  • Compete and finish the 2010 Baja 1000 race
  • Win my class in the 2010 SORCS season
  • Keep racing until I stop bringing home trophies…even if I have to buy them
  • First bike was a Ruppman minibike (fat rear tire and all) when I was 13. At 15, I got a Honda SL70 and progressed to a SL175, and then XL250. Stopped riding until I graduated from college, when I bought a Suzuki GS1000. Put 21,000 miles on it in six months, starting in Gainesville Florida and ending in Aspen Colorado. Didn’t ride again until I was 47, when I started racing.
  • First hare scramble was the SETRA Cherokee, and I showed up on a Honda XR650L. Quit after the first lap, when I realized a 320lb dual sport bike was not a woods racer.
  • Two most memorable enduros are the Alligator (miles and miles of sand whoops) and Brown Mountain Lights (miles and miles of rocks, with a cave and a steep downhill rock face thrown in)
  • Best riding memories are riding with my son throughout Georgia
  • Worst race - the one time my wife came out to watch me race...and I came in last in my class.

  • Grew up in Florida, lived in Colorado for five years, have been in Atlanta for 25 years
  • Married for 25 years, have a son and daughter (both in college)
  • My real job is with a transaction processing company, EFX Corporation
  • I don’t have another hobby, except for working on my bike…prepping it for the next ride or race. Although my wife and I do spend a lot of time in the mountains of NC (where I keep two other bikes).
  • Used to watch it on ABC sports as a kid, always thought it looked very cool
  • The Baja 1000 is a warm up for Dakar
  • Racing in a desolate, dangerous area of a third world country, going without sleep and surviving on RedBull, Powerbars and Gatoraide for two days, knowing some racers don’t survive the event…what could be more appealing?
  • I love Mexican food
  • I don’t want to sit around the retirement home, thinking I should have had more fun and wishing for reincarnation.
  • Went to the 2009 Baja 1000 and worked in the pits with the great folks at Mag-7.  Learned a lot about what it will take to finish the race.
  • Working with the rest of the DBBL team to help organize and plan the race.
  • Getting into better shape
  • Switching beer brands to Tecate
  • Racing/riding as much as I can