SCORE Racers and Crews


Median Age              37.9 

94%                            Male

6%                              Female

58%                            Married

Median Income       $68,974

41%                            Two income households

69%                            Own Home

79%                            Use Personal Computer

28%                            Hispanic

54%                            Own at least one truck

60%                            From Southern California (including Hispanic)

16%                            From Southern Nevada

14%                            Other

10%                            From Northern California

65.7%                         Of SCORE race truck entries are Fords

24.6%                         Of SCORE race truck entries are Chevys

 Source: SCORE Participant Survey 2009


SCORE Spectators

Median Age              29.9


77%                            Male

23%                            Female

51%                            Married

Median Income       $44,653

45%                            Two income households

62%                            Own Home

41%                            Hispanic

46%                            Own at least one truck

54%                            From Southern California

12%                            From Southern Nevada

21%                            Other

13%                            From Northern California and other States

Over 25.5 million unique visitors surf off-road market web sites every month.

 Source: SCORE Participant Survey 2009 AND R&R Research 2009

Note: These figures include spectators at the races in Mexico


Attendance:  Races in U.S.—23,500 Average*

                       Races in Mexico—250,000 Average**


*Based on Bureau of Land Management & Laughlin Tourism Committee Figures

**Based on Baja California Department of Tourism figures