Our mission is to have fun while seeking new experiences and challenges to accomplish on dirt bikes in order to check off items on our “Dirt Bike Bucket List.” It is also our mission to raise awareness of the fun, camaraderie and healthy lifestyles associated with dirt bike riding & racing and to share our experiences with others.

Despite what our wives say, our mission is not to pretend we are kids again.

We support the safe and enjoyable use of motorcycles and promote responsible use of both public and private lands.

About Us

Team DirtBikeBucketList (DBBL) is a group of four dirt bike enthusiasts most of whom are over 50 years old.

We are a non-profit group that looks to raise money to help defray the expense of our big adventures while returning to our sponsors an opportunity to share in and associate themselves with our experience.


Any funds raised for our events that exceed our budget are donated to Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

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History and Background

You are probably wondering how we all got together to focus on the unusual goal of competing in the Baja 1000 in 2010. The four of us are all very different, but we are united by common threads...for one thing, we all love riding and racing dirt bikes (big surprise).

Dirt bike racing is many things to many people, and attracts a highly diverse crowd. It doesn't seem to matter what you do for a living, if your bike is brand new or a ten year old, beat-up "Frankenstein" or even if you win many of your races.  What matters is that you enjoy the thrill of motor sports competition, the adrenaline from taking physical risks, the camaraderie that comes from a shared and potentially dangerous experience and the desire to actually participate in a sport rather than watch it as a spectator.  Not that we don't respect our spectators - we appreciate the thumbs up or cheer from the crowd as we ride by...and next weekend, if our bike breaks down or we are hurt - we will likely be a spectator.

Another common thread for us is the desire to test our abilities in one of the more challenging races on the planet.  The Baja isn't the longest (that's Dakar), it isn't the toughest (most folks would say it's the Romaniacs Hard Enduro), but with a 40+ year history of attracting competitors from all over the world, the Baja 1000 is probably one of the most famous ones.

One additional common thread is that we are all (except for Scott, as he frequently reminds us) in an age group where our best racing days are probably well behind us.  While we may have all reached the conclusion at different times and from different perspectives, at one point or another, we said to ourselves "man, I sure would like to race the Baja 1000 before I am too old to race any more."

So here we are...and here is how we got together.

It all started about four years ago in a Hooters restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.  Don "Doctor Don" Gentry and Frank “SuperCanook” Raimondo met for the first time.  They had been introduced by a common friend who recognized both Don and Frank as dirt bike fanatics.  Over some beers and wings, they talked about bikes they rode, crashes they had, races they competed in, etc.  There may have even been some discussion about how cool it would be to compete in an Epic Event like Dakar or the Baja 1000.

Frank probably also mentioned his good friend (and fellow motorcyclist) Mike McGee, and how Frank first proposed entering the Baja 1000 and asked if Mike would go with him. Mike assured Frank that would indeed be the case. Unfortunately neither of them knew at that time that Mike would not survive the day. While out on a 15 minute ride before dinner, he crashed his Z1R and perished. So for Frank, this race is more for Mike than anyone else.

A couple years later, Frank and Don were driving back from the Alligator Enduro in Florida...and with hours of drive time and a cellular internet connection on their hands, they started researching what it would cost to compete in the Dakar.  The answer was about $ 75,000.  They quickly adjusted their sights to something that seemed more reasonable - the Baja 1000.  At least it was on the same continent.

It was the following year at a SORCS (Southern Off Road Championship Series) season opener race, standing near the results board, that Frank and Tom Nagle first met.  This was Tom’s first race ever - he said something to Frank like "how do I get to try this?"   Frank saw the opportunity to get someone else into the fold, so they exchanged e-mails and phone numbers. Tom began to join Frank and Don at all the SORCS events, where Tom proceeded to beat many long-term racers and became fully hooked on the sport.  It was sometime towards the end of the season the discussion of trying the Baja 1000 came up - and Tom ("Major Tom") was definitely up for it.

In 2007 Frank went to work for Equifax and was put on a new project that introduced him to Scott "Turtle" Smith.  Frank walked by Scott's desk one day and saw a small model of a KTM and a screen wallpaper of motocross. Naturally, he asked “Do you ride or race?”  The response was an enthusiastic "yes I do...in the SORCS series”.  So the four of us started to hang out and sometimes camp together at the race venues.

As Frank, Tom and Don talked more frequently about how cool it would be to try the Baja 1000, the idea of adding another team member was discussed and agreed upon...heck, a 1,200 mile race needs more than three riders.  Frank talked to Scott about the idea, and there was zero hesitation...he was definitely in.   

We started meeting once a month at Hooters (later changed to venue with less...uh...distractions).  In November of 2009, the team sent Scott and Don to work the pits at the Baja 1000, so we could learn what we were up against.  Now, we are focusing on logistics planning, bike prep and personal prep.  Our goal for the race is to just finish the thing.  We'll have many mottos before it is over, but one is "just get the bike to the next rider."  It is going to be a great, great experience.

So, there you have it, our Mission and a little background.  Team Dirt Bike Bucket List takes on the Baja 1000. It is not just about a single event for us, but rather about “Living the Dream”.  Why stop at the Baja when the Dakar is just one continent away!